VJ Sarva Ace W

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Size: UK 3.5
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UK Size Euro Size US M US W
3.5 36 6,0
4 37 6,5
4.5 37.5 7,0
5 38 7,5
5.5 39 8,0
6 39,5 8,5
6.5 40 9,0
7 40.5 8,0 9,5
7.5 41 8,5 10
8 42 9,0 10.5
8.5 42.5 9,5
9 43 10,0
9.5 44 10,5
10 44.5 11,0
10.5 45 11,5
11 45.5 12,0
11.5 46.0 12,5
12 47.0 13
13 48.0 14

Starstudded comfort!

The VJ Sarva Ace is our most cushioned and comfortable starstudded winter running shoe yet! The Ace is also our first winter running shoe that features the PerFOAMance midsole, which offers more comfort and cushioning than the previous EVA midsoles, making winter runs on ice and packed snow easier for your feet.

The Superior Contact -outsole features 17 carbon steel, star-shaped metal studs that provide superior grip on slippery conditions.

The Ace’s upper is waterproof and durable one-piece upper. Adding to the comfort and fit, the last is shaped like a foot, has a roomy toebox and has a soft heel that prevents the foot from chafing.

Our innovative Fitlock-system offers an optimal fit for the shoe by locking the foot from the arch. It also offers extra protection by protecting the arch from the impacts the foot is facing while running.

Need help with sizing? Check out our Size Guide here.

Fitlock ensures fit

Innovative system designed to improve the fit of the shoe, making it feel like part of your body. Integrated with the lacing, the Fitlock system tightens the shoe on the inside and under the arch of your foot.

Water-proof & durable

The Ace's upper is very comfortable, waterproof and durable one-piece upper.

Grippy outsole

A combination of a grippy rubber compound and star studs to ensure maximum grip on any surface. Inspired by the car industry, we manufacture our metal studs from carbon steel with the star shape providing superior grip compared to a round stud thanks to the increased number of corners.