VJ Sarva Hilla Black

Sale price€169,00 EUR

Size: EU 36

Stylish winter outdoors shoe with a side zipper

VJ Sarva Hilla is a fashionable winter boot with a traction sole.

The Frost Contact -traction sole offers reliable grip both on snow and ice and decreases the risk of slipping on winter's slippery roads.

The shoe's upper is made of water-repellent suede leather. Hilla's lining is fleece on the bootleg and warm wool everywhere else, so your feet will stay warm even on the coldest days of winter. The inner side of the shoe features a zipper for easy wearability and comfort, so no more struggling with the laces! The shoe's midsole insulates cold and dampens hits from the ground on your winter strolls, making it very comfortable to wear.

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Frost Contact outsole

New generation Frost Contact -traction sole offers grip on various surfaces. A mixture of different rubber compounds offers sturdy contact with the ground even on slippery surfaces. The sole's base pattern is influenced by the car industry's friction tire, which ensures steady steps on snow.

Side zipper for ease of use

VJ Sarva Hilla has a side zipper for easy wearability so you can quickly get the shoes on and off!