VJ Sarva Xante2 W

Sale price€179,00 EUR

Size: UK 3.5

Cushioned and responsive stud shoe for winter running and -outdoors!

Well cushioned Xante2 with spacious last is a stable stud shoe for a winter’s outdoor activities and running. 20 carbon steel studs and superior contact outsole gives you a fenomenal grip which prevents you from falling down on icy roads. The upper keeps the wind off and repels water so your feet stays warm even in extreme conditions. Xante2 fits well for those who has a neutral stepping. Xante2’s last is medium+ so there is comfortably room for your toes!

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Fitlock ensures fit

Innovative system designed to improve the fit of the shoe, making it feel like part of your body. Integrated with the lacing, the Fitlock system tightens the shoe on the inside and under the arch of your foot.

Grippy outsole

A combination of a grippy rubber compound and star studs to ensure maximum grip on any surface. Inspired by the car industry, VJ manufactures their metal studs from carbon steel with the star shape providing superior grip compared to a round stud thanks to the increased number of corners.

Water repellent upper

Water repellent upper keeps also the cold wind off and your feet stays warm even in extreme conditions.